I am almost beyond speech. I, am attorney, an activist, a former Air Force Officer who served in Desert Storm, a veteran who waited more than 10 years for her VA claim, a champion of the underdog and tireless fighter, am almost without words, and I am afraid....

I do not fear for myself, though perhaps well I ought to...but I have real and palpable fear for this country, for what is left of Democracy, for the future of my children and, for the rest of the world.

I watch as everything I was educated to believe in crumbles around me. I watch as there are secret detention, secret trials, disappeared, people held with no charges and no evidence, searched without judicial review and without their knowledge, a homeland security office that last spoke of round ups of "disgruntled" and people from 33 nationalities. At the same time, our unused military bases are being turned into concentration camps. And, this is just the start, the time before the sunset provisions of the Patriot Act or being eliminated either through the Hatch bill or by the Domestic Security Act...

I watch and I am afraid...

I watch the Zionist JINSA Cabal carry out its arrogant and racist Program for a New American Century as it ignores international law and international will, as it commits war crimes with no shame, and guts benefits to the elderly, to the veterans, to health care and education, while subsidizing all of those programs inside Israel.

I watch, and I am afraid.

I watch this country accept willingly the loss of all that the founding father's proclaimed to be important, the destruction of separation of powers, checks and balances, due process and free speech, the right to privacy, the targeting of people based on religion and ethnic origins. These are things men fought and died for and they are now given up willingly.

I watch and I am afraid...

I watch as the rape of the American taxpayer finances the million dollar a year payola to Cheney from Halliburton, the dealings of Perle, and the declarations of Woosley that there is a World War IV and it is against Islam. These Zionist members of JINSA, who will be running a "free" Iraq, as they are about to declare war on Syria...

I watch, and I am afraid.

I am afraid because this is the rise of the Fourth Reich...the rise of racist and immoral power hungry men that rationalize crimes against humanity and criminalize all dissent.

I am afraid, and I have run out of words, or, rather, it would seem words have had no effect, have done nothing at all to stop the rise of evil and ruthless men to eviscerate all that once made this Nation great.

I am afraid, and I will become one of the disappeared. I will either be taken away, or I will leave this place, this country that I no longer know and now fear.

Beware the rise of the Fourth Reich...it is upon us.


Comments from a Desert Storm vet list member:

Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 13:59:22 EDT
To: info@victoryiscertain.com
Subject: Beware the Rise of the Fourth Reich