… and the screwing of veterans

1. “Rumsfeld ‘s War Against Elderly” by Paul Connors

… and the loss of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

2. “My Country: The World” by Howard Zinn

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.


3. So Where are They, Mr Blair?

4. “US: ‘Saddam Had No Weapons of Mass Destruction’“ by Neil Mackay

5. “’Defective or Manipulated’, Says U.S. Senator About WMD Intelligence" by NewsFromTheFront.org

“Liberation” -- not in this way

The U.S. is very selective in who it brands terrorists. Refusing to name themselves as the leader in state sponsored terrorism is the first step.

As long as the U.S. refuses to count the civilian dead in Iraq and Afghanistan and other war zones they are involved in, they have no room to call anyone a terrorist.

There are no excuses for killing innocent civilians. Even when the end supposedly justifies the means.

Liberating a country is no excuse to kill or maim. This is not bringing freedom and democracy. It only brings pain, suffering, and death to innocent civilians.

Jay Shaft, Editor, Coalition for Free Thought in Media


6. “Smile, You’re on Combat Camera” by Richard Neville

7. “Socialism Lives!” by Barbara Ehrenreich

Liberation Lies – A lesson on democracy

8. “Liberty, Not Democracy” by Robert Garmong

Liberation Lies and the march of Greed and Tyranny

Victory can be had if the world stands united against tyranny

– Black Feather, representative, Teton Sioux Nation and traditional Lakota

9. “Mass Murder – Memories of Wounded Knee” by Brenda Norrell

Liberation Lies and the Loss of Freedom

10. The Bush Administration and the End of Civil Liberties

“Draw attention to the Patriot Act II. Most people simply don’t know what’s in it. It’s not a conservative/ liberal thing. It’s a freedom thing. Any idiot can look at this legislation and see that this is the stuff of tyranny, fascism, totalitarianism or whatever you want to call it.

I’ve been sending this link to anyone who might be willing to listen [and learn].

If the act gets passed, but people are aware and active, there is still a chance that actually implementing such law would carry too high a cost for the powers that be.”

—Patriot Scoundrel



11. “Beware of the Rise of the Fourth Reich” by A Desert Storm Vet

12. “Give Us Back Our Democracy” by Edward Said

13. “Bush Administration Expands the Infrastructure of a Police State” by Patrick Martin

Liberation Lies and the farce of the Nobel Peace Prize committee

14. “Reject Nomination of Bush and Blair for Nobel Peace Prize” by Anonymous

Liberation Lies – The One God of All, God-given rights only applicable to some?

15. “Legal Limbo of Guantanamo’s Prisoners” by The Guardian

Liberation Lies and the hurting of a child’s soul

What have I done to deserve this?
This horrible pain and suffering,
although my limbs are intact,
my body in one piece,
my mind is forever wounded.
Wounded by the horrors I have seen.
I wish to gouge out my eyes,
so I no longer have to see this world.
I cannot shoot, I cannot kill.
I cannot cut this man’s life short.
I do not have the strength.
Of mind, of body, of soul, at all,
to help destroy this world.
This world, my world, and your world too.
The world that was so beautiful,
until the clouds of war covered it,
covered the Earth like a blanket of smoke.
Trying to suffocate all of mankind.
None but the rich benefit from war,
as the hearse drives down the lane
I hear our leaders call,
in their ignorance,
”To war! To war!”
and I remember.
I fill with rage, as I turn crimson red.
But I still cannot shoot,
I still cannot kill.
Tears of pain and grief cloud my eyes.
What have I done to deserve this?

A poem written by a Middle School student strongly opposed to war and who organised an anti-hate and anti-war group and runs its website.

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 5 May 2003.
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=317300&group=webcast

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