The Hijackings

Chapter 2

Excerpt from “9/11: The Great Illusion – End Game of the Illuminati – Our Choice: Fear or Love?” by George Humphrey,

The Administration and media's story concerning the actual hijackings is this: On the morning of 9/11/01, nineteen radical Islamic Fundamentalists hijacked four commercial airliners. The hijackers used paper-cutters to overwhelm and kill the eight pilots and to control the 266 passengers and flight attendants. The two flights that took off from Boston (Flights 11 and 175) were redirected to New York, where they were crashed into the WTC buildings. The WTC buildings caught on fire, causing the trusses to soften, and expand, and both WTC buildings 1 & 2 came down. The flight that took off from Newark (Flight 93) flew all the way out to Ohio and then circled back toward Washington D.C. During this flight, several passengers made an unsuccessful attempt to regain control of the plane, and during the struggle the plane crashed in central Pennsylvania. The now famous last words of Todd Bemer, one of the passengers of Flight 93, were “ Let's roll .” The fourth flight (Flight 77), took off from Washington D.C., flew across Virginia, West Virginia and got to Ohio, turned around, and flew back to Washington D.C. where it slammed into the Pentagon. This is the story that a vast majority of Americans have repeatedly been told, and believe.

The following list of objective facts, worthy questions and valuable insights into this segment of the 9/11 events, are essential to making good decisions as to what really happened:

15. Of the eight pilots on the four flights, six had military experience and were considered ‘men who could take care of themselves.' Is it possible all eight could be over-whelmed and killed by hijackers who were using ‘paper cutters'? Further, is it possible none of the eight pilots would take any evasive actions or send out alerts to the FAA? Yes, these things are possible, but they are not probable.

16. Two supposed pilots of hijacked Flight 77 were Khalid al-Mihdar and Nawaq al-Hamzi. This is the flight that disappeared over Ohio, came back and pulled off an extreme spiral maneuver, leveled off and hit the Pentagon. Flight instructor, Rick Garza, at Sorbi's Flying Club, had this to say about our ace pilots, “ It was like Dumb and Dumber. I mean, they were clueless. It was clear to me they weren't going to make it as pilots .”

17. Flying jumbo commercial airliners is not like driving a golf cart – there are significant skills one has to learn. First, the pilots who were not from this country would have to fly by sight for several hundred miles. Secondly, the pilots on flights 175 and 77 were said to have brought the planes down from 30,000 feet, performed fast and tight 280 degree veers, and hit their targets with ‘Bull's Eye' precision – all by hand. Give me a break! A commercial airliner creates 1.5 to 2 times the normal gravity when it turns. With turns at this altitude, this speed and this degree of tightness, the plane would be pulling 6 to 7 times the normal gravity. According to experienced commercial pilots, these maneuvers would be virtually impossible for any but the most advanced pilots to accomplish.

18. Very few people are aware that The Telegraph , a paper out of New Hampshire, reported that flights 175 and 11 crossed paths at the same moment, directly above the Steward International Airport in New Windsor, New York – what a coincidence? It is also interesting one of the controllers of this facility was reported to be also the controller of the Egypt Air Flight 990 that crashed in 1999, when the pilot supposedly committed suicide – interesting!

19. It must also be noted the FAA has not released flight path information or the full voice recordings of the communications between the planes and FAA. There are two ‘Black Boxes' on each large airliner and these boxes are built to withstand major crashes. Thus, it is a bit strange that the FAA says that most of the information on the eight ‘Black Boxes' of these flights, was destroyed.

20. Few Americans are aware of a technology called ‘Global Hawk.' With this technology flying drones, which look very similar to commercial planes, can be maneuvered with great precision. Many believe that this technology can also be used to override the manual or auto-control of a commercial airliner and perhaps could have been used on 9/11/01.

21. The ‘official' story is that United Flight 93 took off from New Jersey and flew out to Ohio where it was hijacked. It changed courses and headed back towards Washington, D.C. Several of the passengers made calls from the plane and Scott Beemer and other passengers made an attempt to take back control of the plane. In the ensuing fight with the hijackers the plane crashed. It is very possible the passengers did try to take back control of the plane; however, the plane did not crash because of this fight. THE PLANE WAS SHOT DOWN! The facts are these: 1) The debris was scattered over an eight mile radius; 2) The largest piece of debris was the size of a telephone book; 3) Residents in the area heard a loud explosion and saw a military jet.

22. Several years ago professional golfer Paine Stewart was flying with friends out of Florida in a small private jet towards Dallas. Within a short period of time after take-off there was a malfunction in the plane, and the pilot and passengers passed out and lost contact with the FAA. Within 18 minutes NORAD had scrambled an F-16 to fly next to this plane. Within 22 minutes, there were four F-16's flying in tandem with this disabled plane. This is all Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). NORAD's central command headquarters are in Cheyenne Mt. Colorado. They have the highest quality tracking technology in the world and it is their responsibility to monitor the skies over America, and to protect America from missiles and planes. That is their job!

In contrast, no F-16's, or other planes, were scrambled in time for flights 11 or 175 that took off from Boston, even though there was 36 minutes between the time the FAA knew there was a hijacking and the time Flight 175 crashed into the South Tower. The case of Flight 77 is even more alarming, as it was in the air for over 43 minutes with full knowledge that it was aimed at the White House, the Capital or the Pentagon. Andrews Air Force Base is only minutes away and not one plane was sent up, and no planes were scrambled from Langley Air Force Base until after the attack! There are several military bases in the area with the capability and responsibility to protect our Capital – yet, nothing was done – it appears that the order was given by NORAD to ‘stand down'.

“9/11: The Great Illusion – End Game of the Illuminati – Our Choice: Fear or Love?” by George Humphrey