G I V E   U P   W A R

“ War is Just a Racket”

“Perpetual War” – the “DEMONIC, DESTRUCTIVE SUCTION TUBE” – the drawing of men and skills and money [away from programs to rehabilitate the poor and to build society]

– term coined by Martin Luther King Jr., Manhattan Riverside Church, April 1967

P L A N E T I Z A T I O N – The New World Paradigm

The Inspirational Writing of the Planetization Book – Inclusive of the best elements of all ideologies – socialism, capitalism, religion, philosophy, humanism, spirituality.

When we studied Marx and Engels, we felt everything about communism seemed to be ringing true and good, but felt at the end it took the individuality of a person away.  It was a red herring to human happiness.

When we looked to the Founding Fathers of America we found that they had said that "government must promote the happiness and well being of the people" (in the social sense), but we found in the end the greatest ideals of Humanity had  been thwarted by the powers that be (the money power).

So what are we to do?  What can we do?  We see the bloodless (r)evolution exists in coming together over the Planetization book as it is able to capture the well being and happiness of all human beings through the “pyramid of needs” (pp 27 – 28), as it includes the Third World, as it works its way up to the “First World” – all through a just economic system that was brought to humankind by Islam in the 6th century AD, and again revived by the Founding Fathers of America in 1776 (pp 91 – 95, 316).
With the right economic system we are no longer “helping” world problems through endless, piecemeal charity, but through a way of life ( dharma ), and where we are no longer serving the money system, but the money system is now serving us – our collective human needs and wants.

Taxes, in the right economic system, are now able to go to support human life, through the Planetary Ethic's “Seven Universal Mandates and the Three Objectives” (pp 32 – 33), rather than the never ending cycle of war, weapons, destruction/construction/greed. The “transnational structures” (p. 168) have the same scope and immunity as the “transnational corporations” – not to destroy as they do, but to enlighten humanity to our wholeness and oneness with all, as it includes Nature.

Planetization – at the same time puts the brakes on capitalismretains our individuality and promotes (a global) socialism in the concept of the social individualist-evolutionist (i.e. the choice to care in the concept of "all for one and one for all" pp 159 – 165 ) – which allows and frees through our shared spiritual aspect – the forward evolution of humanity.

Making the Evolutionary Leap from Nation-States to the Human Family

Planetization offers a definite break from “perpetual war” – and the ultimate chance for humanity to unify and move to a new, better and humane space through the Foundation for the New World Vision as the new United Nations of Peoples of the Earth. The planetary flag for the one Human Race or Nation is “New Glory.” Like the inspired work of the Planetization book it has taken up the true work of the dream that America once held for the world.

We are in a time of choice and the Planetization book offers us, at the crossroads of prophecy and planetary forecasts, to take the positive pathway on the Planet. It is an important choice for humanity, and like the 1787 U.S. Constitutional Convention that birthed a once great nation we call for a Planetary Convention that can once again birth a great work, the Human Nation.

With the Planetization book we now have a clear choice and contrast as to which way we want to go as a humanity. Do we want to leave behind the world of war, weapons, manipulation, fear, selfishness, control, greed, politics and annihilation once and for all? Or do we want to amass the greatest (r)evolution that can happen on the Planet? Do we want to buy into the Big Divisive Lie of September 11 and Perpetual War, or do we want the cohering force of the Planetization book and its accompanying flag for what they represent as the union and best of humanity as the truth that will set us free?

The American founder, Thomas Jefferson said, “Each generation has a right to choose the form of government it believes most promotive to its own happiness.” We believe Planetization as a form of good government is the picking up and continuation of humanity's dream. There is no more need for anymore wailing and walls.

We definitely have a dream – Humans for Humanity and the Planet – Are You One of Us?

One Planet, One Nation, One Human Nation

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for All in the Human Union


“Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind. Did you think you were put here for something less?”

– Chief Arvol Looking Horse