We need an international revolutionary civil war, a total social revolution to take us to a new stage of stateless, communal Anarchism, not just to manage humanity and nature better, but to free both the people and their ability to survive and build a new economy. Billions are now starving and suffering on this planet who could be saved, we must show them that there is an alternative to capitalism and the state.


It should be obvious by this time, that we are entering the beginning phases of World War 3. We begin with the American imperialist intervention into Iraq in a few weeks, in a war that the entire world clearly does not want, launched strictly for purposes of conquest and theft of oil booty. The American imperialists, led by George W. Bush and his family, have clear design to control the entire Middle East and create a new world order, something the senior Bush talked about when he was president and launched a comparatively minor intervention in the region, in comparison to the plans of his son's administration.

This time, there is the attempt to create a Pax Americana in the Middle East. This is the very epitome of "great nation chauvinism", and will result in the ultimate deaths of millions, including large number of Americans, although they do not yet understand it or believe it. Like most citizens of an empire, it is always easiest to egg on the troops when one believes that you have no remote prospect of shedding blood themselves. This is not just cowardice, it is chauvinism. This war will not be "over there" in distant battlefields like previous world wars have been, and the attacks on September 11, 2001 reaffirmed that fact. Now it is clear that the military-political leaders of the American state cannot protect the American people, but that they can lead them to doom. And since we know that people in this country have never experienced what war is truly like, they are in for a rude awakening.

Most people around the world understand that "George the Second" and the United States of America is the greatest threat to world peace. Not only in provoking an unjust war in Iraq, but in planning to wage aggressive war on the Korean-Chinese peninsula [with North Korea], victim of an American colonial partition, and to "reconstruct" the Middle East as an "American playground". They will fail at this, but there will be many killed, and ultimately the U.S. will be crushed as a world power, in what we will know as world war 3. If you look at the "diplomatic ploys" in this period before the war, one thing is clear: the U.S. imperialists have given many of the nations of the world clear evidence that it intends to try to conquer and re-divide the world, under the guise of its "war against terrorism." This will result in WW3, Millions will die from nuclear and non-nuclear weapons as a result.

The Iraqi war itself will bankrupt the United States, not preserve the American economy as Bush and the "cowboy capitalists" believe. They think that if they can corner the oil reserves of the world, they can wage a trade war against the European Union, Russia, Japan and the other industrialized countries. Of course, they will start with Iraq, which has the second largest oil reserves, but they have their sights set on taking over the oil fields of Saudi Arabia "if they cannot defend themselves" when a revolution breaks out there. They want to silence Syria, Libya, and the whole of the Middle East and North African region where so many Arab nationalist and militant religious fundamentalists have opposed the Western neo-colonial agenda and Israeli expansionism over the years. These are things the imperialists have released in their own media.

They have stated that after establishing a long American military government in Iraq to occupy that country, they will then use that country as an outpost to "fight for democracy" and "change the regime" in a variety of countries. Bush's opening remarks about "the axis of evil" (Iraq, Iran, and North Korea) was the opening shot in preparing this continuing war, although plans had been laid down years before. Bush and the Pentagon have stated that with the war on terrorism, they can intervene militarily in any country they so choose, with or without that nation's consent. They can attack unilaterally and with nuclear weapons any country they see a threat to "the American way of life." This doctrine of "blitzkrieg" is what Adolph Hitler used to attack France and other countries in his attempt to capture Europe. It failed, and his 1,000 year Reich only lasted seven years. This American blitzkrieg" will also be defeated by the peoples of the world. I do not think that the institution of government and the nation-state will survive this world war. People will finally come to understand how dangerous of an institution the modern warfare state really is. I also believe that revolution will break out all over the world, as people begin to make a new world with various political alternatives, including Anarchism.

In such a scenario, capitalism and the nation-state would be thoroughly discredited, opening the way for social revolution. It will be done because the capitalist war-mongers will have totally destroyed their world, and the new forces of revolution will set out to create a better one. I hope that I would live long enough to see this, because I think it will happen within my life span. Either way, I could rest happy in the grave knowing that the victory we have sought for so many years has finally come to pass.


World War 3 and the New World Order [rant]
- Lorenzo - komboa@mutualaid.org @ 14:06:13

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 16 March 2003.
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=244402