Ignorance results from the insecurity caused by the lack of forgiveness to unjustified sorry.

Low-Mindedness is the essential cause for all the problems we face in the world. It is caused by insecurity. The more insecure people are the more low-minded they become. Eventually, it leads them to physically losing the faculty of imagination and with it the ability to integrate. They become "concrete minded" and retain only the differentiating faculty. They can see the parts but not the whole. It doesn't retard them but it does incapacitate them.

Without the integrating capacity, low-minded people can never see clearly to solves problems that require "seeing" their adversaries point of view. They lose the ability for independent thinking which is high-minded. They become rigid in their views. Consequently, they state that problems in the world are too difficult to solve. They see no solutions only problems!

Having lost this integrating faculty, concrete-minded people gravitate towards putting their complete trust into established and accepted norms of thought. Since they can't think for themselves they rely on others to think for them. These types of people are easily influenced by the media. They never question anything. If it is widely stated that world is flat then they believe the world is flat!

These are the types of people who are running the US administration. You can identify them easily by their one sided opinions. Their focus on the smallest of little details. They twist the truth because they cannot visualize what the truth is anymore. George Bush is one like this and so is Tony Blair. They have no wisdom! Concrete-minded people are the ones who support the war against Iraq without question. To them it is not honourable to question the establishment. To question anything would frighten them and cause their world to collapse like a house of cards. And the reality is that it would but they would be better for it! However, their fear stops them!

The only way to help people who are like this is to try not to make them more insecure. There is hope for those who are still not totally jaded (and thus only becoming low-minded). Be harmless to them in word, emotion, and action... "for they know not what they do" or what they are supporting.

High-mindedness is the way to peace. Hurting people in this world only makes people either more insecure or a warrior for truth but most often it results in people becoming low-minded and that makes the world suffer. Allah Akbar, God is Great and should be your only fear!

...El Cid

This is the real war we fight!

Comment By NC 4 April 2003


I agree with the general tone of your post but don't see the major division as difference between concrete left brain/right brain thinking. I think it is more of a spiritual and emotional power - the ability to connect with one's inner core and simultaneously with others. People that can do this fear less and are much more difficult to control. Authoritarians who seek to control others or frightened people who seek some power outside themselves can be manipulated and led. Did you ever wonder about the expression "god fearing Christians"? What kind of puny, empty god gets off on human fear?

Perhaps this explanation explains the comment such as David's above and various other right wing people posting similar comments on this site - fear, envy and a certain emptiness. This is a time of choice and sorting. Globally human beings in all countries are much nicer, vibrating at a higher pitch of sharing and caring for others.

Why the World Suffers
By El Cid

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 4 April 2003.
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