Ten point plan for life after Super Powers.


There seems to be no real way this time, that the people of the world can change the mind of President Bush and his Super Power mentality. That he and the USA are even bigger then the rest of the world and the United Nations. That he knows what is best for the world, or at least his world of the super powers.

We may have left it to late to show we want Peace this time. What we must now concentrate on is where do we go from here.

We may be watching the suicide of a Super Power. Super Powers will become extinct as we evolve into A Family of Humanity.

The ordinary people around the world, can sense it, they can feel it, maybe they can't quite yet put a finger on what it is.

What is it?

It is a awaking -that we are no longer all isolated countries doing our own thing. We are a Global Family who are starting to realise we must put aside differences and become the Family unit in order for us to survive. For the planet to survive.

Our survival goes against everything a Super Power is. Hence the struggle of coming to terms with this by the likes of President Bush, Prime Minister Blair and Prime Minister Howard chomping at the bit for war as the answer to achieve peace.

It is not even their fault, it is just evolution. They just happen to be the people in power at the time of the change in global thinking. They are still clinking to what they knows, frightened of the unknown and where it will leave them, their country and their power.

This is not about Iraq or the USA it is about evolution.

If we were to all keep cool heads, even President Bush can play a role in this shift from Super Powers to a New Humanity. But if they are not ready for that, then we as the Global Family must be.

What we all need to do as the people of the world. Is start work on our ten-point plan for life after Super Powers.

A Family of Humanity

1. Reach out to all our family around the world. Let go of the old boundaries made by governments and people in power still thinking in the old terms of Super Powers.

2. Let go of all the old ideas, feed to us by all Super Powers, the THEM and US theory.

3. Be game to open up your minds and creative spirit to allow new thinking and solutions to flow. Remember even governments get their ideas from people.

4. Think Globally when making decisions, about the our Family of Humanity not about yourself or just your country, not about the East and the West, but about the whole family. Our actions each day has a lasting effect on the whole Family - our home is the planet - not some fancy building to impress others.

5. Look inside yourself - not outside. The answers are there for all of US.

6. Don't be frightened of change, it just means letting go of the old and looking forward to the new beginning.

7. Forget about who is to blame - think how do we get out of this mess we have all made.

8. Put love in your heart before making decisions.

9. Remember we are the Guardians of the Future we leave our children. Not in wealth and power. But the simple things we all strive for. To be safe, valued and listened to.

10. Know only you can change the world for all humanity. Super Powers only change it for their own gains.

Kerry Bowden (Just a grandmother)
Global Strategic Alliance
for the New Humanity
One Mind One Voice


Suicide of a Super Power
By Kerry Bowden


Posted on the Independent Newswire on 14 March 2003.
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=244096&group=webcast