Diane Harvey wrote: "Madman Watch is going to be a permanent part of the activist scene."

"The goal of the rationally downtrodden is to somehow wrestle the insane bits to the ground before they kill us all. Collectively, the eminently reasonable constitute an unorganized worldwide militia of common sense, called upon by the force of events to maintain Madman Watch.

And naturally enough, understanding the possible results of the current trend toward dedicated mutual annihilation is hard on the sane.

Continually flying in the face of so many embodiments of geopolitical dementia is tiresome as a way of life. Therefore moping, or episodes of gloomy and listless melancholy, is the all-too frequent result of intelligent and loving concern for the future. Remaining on Madman Watch for long stretches of time has a distinct tendency to result in attacks of profoundly logical depression."

Constructive Moping for the Downtrodden

By Diane Harvey


"It's not easy to remain sufficiently vigorous so as to keep up with the present assortment of energetic lunatic leaders, as they attempt to drive our world straight to hell. We occasionally tire of carefully pointing out the life-devouring black holes in the heads of those in authority. We may find ourselves temporarily reduced to morosely sitting around, drumming fingers, idly wondering if The Great Trance will ever lift from the perceptions of our fellow citizens. Will the majority of sentient beings ever emerge from that dense fog of believing what they are told, and directly perceive what is actually happening to all life on earth?"

The ongoing experience of outraged sanity we are plagued by is merely an exaltation of common sense. But we knew that already. Intermittent periods of understandable moping notwithstanding, the choice between being an activist and being a passivist is still the same old choice between being awake or asleep. Here and now, for better and worse, we are necessary advocates of one kind or another of pro-evolutionary anti-devolutionary activity. Except for occasional spells of pure essence-of-exhaustion, we are mostly fairly alive, and therefore naturally, actively tinkering and tweaking our mutual reality-at-large. To truly live means to act consciously in the world, and to manage the impacts as best we can. The only alternative, that abhorrent condition of numbed, uncomprehending, accepting passivity, is merely a lukewarm twilight sleep somewhere between life and death, and neither here nor there.

Temporary immersion in waves of acute misery due to the state of the world is almost impossible to avoid. But even so, this can be taken as a useful signpost pointing to its own opposite. If being sick doesn't energize new strategies for staying healthy, we missed the point. The point of being miserable is to notice that we are temporarily out of touch with reality. And reality means Reality, not the consensus nonsense making all the trouble. If we didn't already possess an innate inward sense of what is ultimately real, the dangerous and ignorant display of the power of the unreal at large in the world would not trouble us in the least. Depression is the symptom of having been gobbled up by the gaping, fanged, drooling mouth of raving Unreality. But tickle its gorge and it will spit you back up more or less intact, other than the thin coating of slime, which washes off.

To turn episodes of bone deep hand wringing to constructive account, we might dwell at length on one of the most useful observations ever made. "No problem is ever solved on the level at which it occurs." Consciousness is designed to be opened, expanded, and ratcheted up a notch or three on a regular basis. The mind is a cosmic cargo container, an infinite direction finder, and an instantaneous teleporter. It holds the keys to every possible path and destination, and automatically leads us anywhere we decide to go. The darkest hells and the illuminated heavens begin between our ears. We are the ones who program the direction, with every thought we think. One of the greatest wonders of our construction is that the mind is not meant to be heartless. The mind contains a heart, with all the energies we associate with the heart fully present. To think with and through the heart of the mind is entirely different from thinking without it. And heartless thoughts are the point of origin of most of our species' self-induced agony.

Thinking with the heart of the mind does not mean abandoning discernment. The real meaning of the word "discrimination" has been much abused, and deserves to be restored to its original condition. To discriminate simply means to have the capacity to perceive subtle distinctions and differences among all created forms of life. The absence of the discriminative faculty results in the inability to register subtleties at all, which is hardly a virtue. Discernment and love go hand in hand, or one falls into the pit on either side. "Love your enemies" doesn't mean it is never necessary to fight for what is right. By all means, whip the moneychangers out of the temple.

And when unregenerate humans become professional predators, to remove them from incarnation with dispatch, for the common good, can also be a form of love in action."

We aren't easily going to be able to manage the oppressive atmosphere of a world run by the criminally insane without a viable connection to living spiritual energies. Concerned consciousness too often runs in ruts, jerking its knees at every passing nightmare folly, of which there is far too overwhelming a selection. No matter what, it is essential to avoid unwittingly allowing awareness to sink permanently into the sight and sound of the present tidal surge of human madness.

Volunteers for Madman Watch have no choice but to spend enormous amounts of energy keeping track of unfolding events, and plotting ways and means to alter the careening global course toward utter ruin. At the same time, living through this prolonged siege between devolution and evolution is extremely wearing and tearing. Let us therefore give serial melancholy its due; yet take great care not to be permanently brought low by the effects of gravity and the reign of unreason.

We have basically handed over our planet to various types and degrees of conscious and unconscious dark forces simply because we have not yet become sufficiently awake and unified, and therefore strong enough, to stop them. The cunning of the powerful, combined with the total weight of hapless slave-consciousness, is no weakling: it is a formidable enemy. As a result, the usual fate of those who have come along periodically to tell humanity the good news has not been wonderful. Nevertheless, Schroedinger's cat is out of the box: human beings are endowed with unused but formidable creative powers for good as well as evil. And too many of us know this now for the liberating awareness to be effectively suppressed, at least as things stand now. A vitally useful proportion of the human race is rapidly maturing into functional levels of creative self-awareness, little though that is outwardly obvious on the world stage. And one of the signs of this is that what was once of necessity esoteric knowledge, simply because so few could be trusted to understand it, has now become exoteric, and freely available to anyone alert enough to recognize it.

There are urgent reasons to get beyond the condition of personal misery under stressful conditions as a psychological lifestyle. The duration of this battle for sanity is unknown, but Madman Watch will continue, and intensify. No amount of personal unhappiness and despair will change one iota of what we are facing. Sustaining negative energy currents is damaging to oneself and others: it's that simple. Fear, anger and depression are the best destroyers of the very energies we need to survive. Love cannot reach us though these blots on consciousness, neither from within nor from without. It takes effort to root out such subconscious conditioning forces, because these negative reactions form a line of least resistance for the human psyche. Nevertheless, they are easily enough replaced by positive energies, once we remember we have the choice and gain a little practice in turning ourselves around. It is technically not very difficult to switch channels; it is only the accumulated brute power of long-held subconscious habits that makes this feel so overwhelming.

The lines of probability, which connect the world we have now to our vision of a decent future, are constructed of quantum particles at the deepest level, and are subject to instantaneous alteration by emotion, thought and intention. The human race is being run along these lines of probability. Our relatively accessible higher faculties can be set free to reconfigure this world to a higher standard and into a generally positive direction. The alternative is that those who wish to institute wholesale imposed control for the worst possible motives will overtake all hope of effective human freedom for a long time to come. Although the forces arrayed against the successful introduction of higher energies seem enormous, a meaningful level of transformation in the way human beings live together here is not only quite possible, but absolutely necessary. Setting aside all premature expectations of a miraculous earthly paradise just around the corner, the practical potential for mitigating a great deal of unnecessary human suffering is still nearly limitless. If enough of us choose to understand what we are all capable of, and strenuously pursue and encourage the development of inherent spiritual attributes, we can change humanity's present dead end destination, by energy-fiat.

This is basic material and spiritual physics, and has nothing to do with imagination operating outside the laws of matter, energy and consciousness.

Meanwhile, bouts with the old reactionary ego will no doubt continue to bedevil us, while increasingly conscious relations with our good angels and the joys they bring demonstrate the alternative. Both types of experiences serve to remind us of the energies we are either inflicting or bestowing on ourselves and others. And moving in tandem with efforts to master our own complex energy systems, Madman Watch must likewise be assiduously kept. We are asking a great deal of ourselves by being here now, and being a minority who are conscious of all that is at stake. But we would not be here, immersed in this magnificent and terrible time, if we did not wish to be put to this very test. We are here now because we know that our collective intention to transform ourselves, and the course of human history, is of the utmost significance- and we accepted the challenge.

Whether we win or lose the struggle in the short run is not a foregone conclusion. We know this. Increasingly sophisticated forms of techno-totalitarianism could succeed in shutting down the human race for a long time to come. The eventual result of the present battle for control of this world will have consequences beyond our imagination, either way. We have understood that, if and when we can learn to align and coordinate our energies in sufficient numbers, we can succeed in making a degree of reason and love the most powerful determining energies on earth. When, where, how and if the required percentage of dedicated souls here will manage to unify and synchronize, effectively asserting our transformative power and tipping the balance in this cycle, we do not know. But we do know that we have pledged ourselves to become embodiments of consciousness and love and life in the midst of a maelstrom of ignorance, hatred and death. All this we have freely chosen in the light of our souls. Therefore let us take heart, keep faith, renew our minds, and abide with our decision.

Diane Harvey


Posted on the Independent Newswire on 29 March 2003.
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=305786&group=webcast