Andreas Von Buelow, former German Deputy Minister of Defence and a long-time German member of Parliament, has just published an article in Issue No. 30 of the German military journal Deutsche Militaerzeitschrift, echoing in detail, Lyndon LaRouche’s analysis of September 11. Von Buelow and the German military have decided to report in detail, as only LaRouche has reported before, that the “official story” of the September 11 attacks is a hoax. The article is titled “Thoughts on September 11, 2001,” with sub-head: “Evidence, as if from a trampling herd of elephants.”

Von Buelow’s article begins noting that the United States, with 26 separate intelligence agencies, was unable to prevent the September 11 attack, and claims to have no idea, in advance, that is was coming. Yet, 48 hours later, the FBI claimed to have a detailed list of all the perpetrators. Within 10 days, it turned out that at least seven of the men who purportedly perished in the hijackings, were still alive. Until today, von Buelow notes, the head of the FBI has refused to address this contradiction.

As the result of September 11, the US Administration has proclaimed that the nation is “at war.” But a government declaring war, must first state who the enemy actually is. The United States admits that there is no evidence that could stand up in court against any of the accused hijackers. They talk about Mohammed Atta as the leader, but even CNN has admitted that there is no evidence from the passenger manifests, proving anything about what happened.

Von Buelow continues: The perpetrators left the kind of traces that reminds one of a “trampling herd of elephants.” They used credit cards with their own names; they enrolled in the flight schools in their own names; they left behind rented cars with Islamic literature and details about flying jumbo jets. It was as if the evidence had been intentionally planted in order to leave a trail. Von Buelow adds that none of the cockpit data recovered gave any further clues as to what happened.

Next, von Buelow turns to the broader issues behind September 11. With the help of this horrible attack, he observes, the Western mass democracies have been subjected to “brainwashing.” The old Feinbild (enemy image) of the communists no longer is useful. The new Feinbild is hatred of all peoples of the Muslim faith.

Von Buelow explains that this idea of the new Feindbild came from Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington, two leaders of the American foreign and secret intelligence policy establishment. In the mid-1990s, Huntington said Europe and the U.S. needed somebody to hate, to strengthen Americans’ identification with their own society. Back as far as the Carter Administration, Brzezinski said that the United States had the general right to ownership over the raw materials wealth of the world, especially oil and gas.

September 11 fit perfectly into these concepts, which are from the arms industry and from the entire “military-industrial-academic complex.” This, von Buelow says is obvious. The great raw materials reserves of the territory of the former Soviet Union are now at their disposal, including the new pipeline routes.

Von Buelow states that people may deride him as a “conspiracy theorist,” but the planning of the September 11 attack was a technical and organizational masterpiece. In just a few minutes, four jumbo jets were hijacked and guided with complicated flight maneuvers to their targets.

It is inconceivable, he asserts, that this could have occurred without many years-long support from the secret apparatus of state and industry. (An accompanying high-lighted box, quotes him saying that “The attack was only possible if it was backed by U.S. intelligence services.”)

He adds that, with all the horrors of the deed, he doesn’t ever lose his clear view of who drew the advantage, and who suffered the disadvantage from this. When in doubt, he notes, it is always useful to look at a map. Where are the raw materials concentrations and routes of access? Map all of the ongoing civil wars and hot-spots. They all match. And everywhere where this pattern persists, the American secret services are not far away.

He concludes that this picture is but the tip of the iceberg, and he can only imagine its underwater dimensions--which could well bring on the next deluge.

As one astute European observer said, “Every informed person in Europe, and I’m sure in the United States, who hears any mention of Brzezinski and Huntington in the context of September 11, thinks only one thought: “La-Rouche”.

Thou Shalt Not Covet Oil and Gas

German Minister Echoes LaRouche On September 11
“Australian Alert Service”
Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
Vol 4 No 26 July 18, 2002

To: America on the Edge