A Sedona Woman Writes:

"The conscious intention to create distortion, addiction, weakness and uniformity of profitable behavior is at work behind the scenes everywhere. The basis of our entire civilization is the direct control and manipulation of the whole human being in order to wring yet more profit from deliberately confused, enfeebled, and entranced human souls. So far relatively few of the total numbers existing within this horrific system seem even to be aware of the fundamental assault on human value and dignity inherent in such a bottomless pit of a bottom line.

Nevertheless, it is this primary intention that has resulted in the manufacture and distribution of the contemporary spiritual plague of Hemorrhagic Stupiditas. To acquiesce and to freely participate in the deadly end products of a culture founded on the extremes of ruthless greed is fatal to natural intelligence. Nearly every corporate/military/government/social offering is deeply rooted in festering greed, and is therefore crawling with the highly contagious micro-vermin of profoundest ignorance. Short of merciful death, it is becoming impossible to avoid spending a great deal of time and energy trying to avoid direct contact with that which will make you stupider if you so much as touch it."

"The vital organs of the State, the legislative, executive and judicial members of the Body Politic, are fatally infected. All the social constructs running our lives are reaching the end of viability in a slow agonizing convulsion of idiopathic idiocy. The remorselessly self-serving, willfully insolent and shortsighted greed-eaten motives of powerfully criminal fools will certainly result in increasing suffering on a vast scale. Our entire world is presenting symptoms of rapid onset of the final stages of death by senselessness. Nature itself is unraveling by the day. We have rotting, dying, fished-out oceans, sterile toxic used-up soil, no more fresh water, a deforested and ever more lifeless planet, and incalculable quantities of innumerable poisonous substances metastasizing everywhere and in everything. And even at that, apparently the thickening, sickening, enveloping fog of stupiditas was not quite complete.

To entirely finish off the last of the natural systems we depend on, a hidden coterie of Big Brains is secretly altering the entire atmosphere with non-breathable deadly materials in order to deploy new weapons and communications technology. Human nature, that very potent aspect of the web of life, has fallen into the final convulsion of pretending it is separate from all other life, and therefore expects to be excused from obeying the laws of nature."

"And of course, ever-present throughout the petri dish world, are the specially concentrated forms of the virus: the stupid-pills disguised as corporate food and drink, which keep a steady flow of concentrate-of-dumbdown moving right along through the cultural bloodstream.

Well, but we are so used to all this, and that is the very worst of the outwardly banal appearances of business-as-usual all around us. People really believe: "This is just our culture, yes? Surely it can't be all bad."

But it is in fact shockingly stupefying."

"The only remedy for the raging disease of contagious stupiditas resides in the individual ability to remove oneself and one's family from the sources of contamination as much as possible. As more and more people do this, very beautiful new ways of living are slowly emerging from the ashes of force-fed mass ignorance. These new experimental ways of life tend to subtly combine the most sensible forms of past ways of living with the technological advances of the present.

There is an ever-growing army of souls in active rebellion against the death-wish petri dish stupidity-culture, and their achievements are quietly rippling out across the globe as waves of sane intention. The common key to any and all useful new forms of life is wise sustainability, and this is true in all levels of our existence.

Physical health absolutely requires the health of nature, and there is no possible avoidance of this basic truth. Human profit motives that destroy nature simply destroy human nature simultaneously."

From Diane Harvey's:
Contemporary Spiritual Plagues...Part Two: Hemorrhagic Stupiditas