It’s the System, Stupid! (cont.)

Democracy is a value not limited to America. She is like any other democratic nation whose people are allowed to move about and think freely (and in the end and at the end at the pleasure of the controlling elites). However, where America holds the greatest power and wealth, she becomes the epitome of the world’s own dark disposition where “America” and “world” become synonymous.

With money abundant through America’s or the world’s wealth, people still live through mere survival, whether it is from beggar bowl to beggar bowl (the poor), from welfare check to welfare check (the underclass), or from paycheck to paycheck (the middle classes). With the gross imbalance of America’s or the world’s wealth, the fragmentation of her nation’s or the world’s soul begins as people become islands for their own self-survival, self-gratification or self-aggrandizement. Devolution of America’s or the world’s soul results in division, self-centeredness and indifference through personal, political and global concerns.

With abundant national or global wealth through the subversion of the pyramid of needs, where the survival mode of millions produces wealth for the few rather than the nation’s or the world’s wealth producing abundance for the millions, the brilliant destiny of America or the world is thwarted by the powers that be. These powers have created “The System,” that is, a system we all live in, are beholden to, and serve, irrespective of what part of the globe we reside on, for the moneyed and privileged controlling elite are to be found in all—democratic, communist and Islamist—lands where some are simply more conspicuous than others.