Assets Are Made To Be Spent.

This is to all the men and women who have been tricked into believing they serve America. They, who in their pride, and even greed, place themselves above normal citizens, grabbing at any power possible, through association with the criminal elite of America.

Let it be known here that most of Americas Policing Power is used solely for the benefit of a small group of financiers who have sold American Ideals Of Liberty to the highest bidder. Call your job Monopoly Enforcement. That is a better description, it is more accurate. You are Enforcers of an international power on American Soil. Let it be known too that the vast majority of the policing powers in place within America now, are not only unnecessary, but actually illegal. It is make-work to further squander taxpayers dollars.

You illegal watchers and keepers (OFFICER-OVERSEER) are the reason why such great effort is made to create designer wars within our own borders, like the drug war, orchestrated and run by a group who are neck deep in drugs, both legal and illegal, and have been for a long time. The drug war was used to depopulate a certain race, the blax, and to CREATE the need for greater policing.

Fear as mind control, perped by government television (The Big 4), as well as government Newspapers and Radio, was very effective for quite some time, depending mostly, though, on past mind control programs already well in place. The same mind control programs that make ordinary citizens feel they are better than their fellow Americans, the same mind control programs that were used to trick you into believing you actually serve America.

The financial/criminal elite which has taken over America has been patient and insidious, utilizing every advantage possible to whittle away Americans self image, Americas economy, and Americas liberties over a long period of time. They are anti-American criminals in every sense of the word, and you cops, who follow their orders, are nothing but accomplices to their high crimes. You are made to think you fight crime, when in fact you facilitate crime at a level you cannot even imagine. I say this with great confidence, because I know that if you COULD imagine it, you would quit your jobs immediately in shame.

The evidence of organized crime in American government is everywhere, and like someone with a drug problem, your POWER problem has become an addiction which ties you to these oh-so organized criminals in a way very closely resembling slavery. You are controlled through your information, and you are controlled economically. Is this not the main reason most cops are fans of the bush crime family? You are told you will be able to keep your jobs, and can hope for advancement. And everyone in this predatory and traitorous group longs for the good old days, where government assets such as guns could be traded for cocaine, to be flown into America by CIA assets like Barry Seal, ( to be distributed far and wide as a means to job security for law enforcement, big profits for the big boys running the prison industry, and of course, many dead blax.

But ask yourselves this: if the people were ever to rise up, as appears to be happening in a BIG way now, who are the ones on the front lines? When organized crime is made to turn tail and run, as they are doing right now, who is going to be ordered to keep the rabble from dragging those scum into the streets and hanging them from lamp posts? Hmmmm? Who is going to die first?

I am not doing anything here except stating what is, and basing it on historical fact.

As for you pilots, and especially you mind controlled zombies spraying chemicals over us every day across America: many aspects of organized crime have concentrated on controlling air flight of all types. You know this better than anyone. When a plane crashes with a famous person on board, that person’s loss is grieved publicly and at length. Very few people think about the pilots and other airline employees. Why, they knew the risk when they took the job, Right? This type of happenstance is becoming very common now too. You are just the cost of doing business. Criminal Business. Understand THAT first and foremost. The preferred form of assassination among the political and financial elite today is via plane crashes, and it is something for you to think about and think about HARD. Consider things like the broadcast antennae technology of HAARP, and remote control of flight controls a little, while you are at it.

There are people who are expatriates of America now furnishing evidence that the drug overdoses during the 60’s were carefully contrived by the CIA, and were nothing but a warm-up for the drug war, to test if drugs could be used effectively as weaponry. Obviously and in hindsight, this works well. Alex Constantine has even written a book about it, called The CIA’s Covert War Against Rock, and there are many recurring circumstances that are just too pat to be coincidence. Another thing for you to remember: of all the rock stars that have died mysteriously, there are two forms of death which prevail. One is drug usage; overdose through maximum availability to the star, and the other: Plane Crashes.

Finally, to you astronauts, who have probably been tricked worse than any of the above. Understand that the people you work for do not have any intention of developing what could be called a Real Space Program. I am sure you perceive better than most the ties of NASA to the intelligence apparatus in America, and you know too that it is not about exploration of space, but about planetary control. I want you to research Project Northwoods, and see just what kind of regard you are really held in. I want you to understand that both Challenger and Columbia were NOT accidents, but carefully contrived demoralization and psychological warfare tactics used against the American People, in order to keep the public from looking too closely at the true criminality of our so-called leaders, who are just appointed managers of the people who have taken over our currency and our government.

I want you ALL to know, just how very EXPENDABLE you really are.

Time for another tea party, time for a TAX REVOLT.

Impeach and execute the bush crime family, to begin removing the criminal element from American Government.

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